Why Use Martin

1. Martin Custom Building is a registered builder with Home Builders Association of Owensboro. Why should you use a Registered Builder? Home ownership is the single largest creator of wealth. And, for most people it’s the largest investment they’ll make. So, it makes sense to invest in a product that expect will offer both enjoyment and financial rewards when it’s time to sell. Most importantly, the house will serve as the place you and your family will live and grow on a daily basis.

It should be a structure that is built by individuals who are experienced with products and services that are reliable and proven. As with any major investment, it makes sense to use a professional. In Owensboro those professionals are Registered Builders. Every home in the Parade of Homes is built by a builder member of the Home Builders Association of Owensboro.

By using a Registered Builder, you can be assured that the builder meets specific requirements outlined by the Home Builders Association of Owensboro (HBAO). A Registered Builder is not simply a title that can be purchased and displayed on company vehicles and advertising. In order to become a Registered Builder, an applicant must:

• Have experience in the home construction  profession for a specified period of time.

• Have demonstrated financial and on-site responsibilities

• Be a full-time professional who derives his principle income from construction industry.

• Submit the names of previous customers as references

• Have registered builder sponsors with personal knowledge of the applicant’s construction activity and business integrity

• Have acceptable credit history

Before becoming a Registered Builder, the builder must appear before the HBAO Registered Builders Committee for a personal interview. He or she must agree to take part in continuing education (mandatory 80 hours) and to abide by the Code of Ethics of HBAO. All of these factors combine to provide you with an assurance that you are dealing with a professional.

2. Martin Custom Building understands the average couple will most likely only build one, at most two custom homes in their life. This is a process that can be high in excitement as well as anxiety. Our goal is to help with the latter. Custom home building should be a time to enjoy and we understand the key to the success of this is builder and client communication. There is never too much communication.

Martin Custom Building is a leader of thoughtful planning, progressive design and distinctive amenities. Extra attention to detail and enduring craftsmanship allow us long term value and peace of mind for every customer. We focus daily on building the highest quality homes, while providing great customer service.

Our company was founded on the idea of building quality homes. Each of our homes are constructed with individualized attention. At Martin Custom Building we take a few projects a year. We do not gage our success by the number of homes we build, but rather by the successful completion of the ones we do. Because of our commitment to the highest standards, and our determination to give our clients the personal attention they deserve, we can achieve results that exceed the industry standards and build a home that is truly a masterpiece.